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Ugadi 2019 – Utrecht – April 6th

NLTC – వికారి నామ సంవత్సర ఉగాది ఆహ్వానము నెదర్లాండ్స్ లో వున్న సమస్త తెలుగు ప్రజానీకానికి శుభాభినందనములు. మన తొలి తెలుగు పండుగ, జీవితం షడ్రుచుల సమ్మేళనం అని తెలిపే పండుగ ఉగాది పండుగ. ప్రతి సంవత్సరంలాగే ఇప్పుడు కూడా …

NLTC supports Charity Marathon Run

NLTC is a proud supporter of KWF (Beating Cancer as soon as possible) and we are looking for volunteers for the upcoming Charity Run Lentemarathon on March 24th. We are …

About Us

Netherlands Telugu Community is a non-profit and non-political organization created to Engage , Connect & Thrive . The main objectives to form the association is to assist in integrating with Dutch society for the newcomers(expats) and also those who have been living in Netherlands, providing the basic for all the new entries into Netherlands, promoting cultural and sport activities to bring all different Telugu speaking communities under one umbrella understanding/sharing cultures and traditions and raise charities concerning various purposes for the social cause. Though the association is registered for the benefits of Telugu speaking people in Netherlands, it also lends its hand to provide the same benefits to all Indians in Netherlands


  • is non-governmental, non-academic, non-commercial, and non-political
  • does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political affiliation or beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression
  • does not promote a particular religious affiliation, dogma, or doctrine as part of its mission or in exchange for its services

Stichting Netherlands Telugu Community. KVK No : 67812988

Our Aim

The NLTC Stichting is created for and shall function for social, cultural, educational, scientific, charitable, benevolent purposes of the Telugu speaking people of Netherlands while encouraging their participation and promotion in Telugu culture, Telugu literature, Telugu festivals, science, arts, sports, recreation and amusement.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a platform that all Telugu people in Netherlands look up to as a pioneer and role model for its various activities in engaging the Telugu speaking people, connecting them, integrating them in local communities and help the Telugu people in Netherlands thrive in the field they choose.

Who we are