Due to the unprecedented events happening in the world, we @NLTC volunteers decided to celebrate this year Ugadi 2020 in a virtual way. There is no limitation on participation, make most out of this.

A list of events planned to cover all ages in the family , pls see below on the rules , how to participate and the timelines .

Painting :  Theme for this year U2020 is  Spring or Ugadi, bring out your imagination and creativity…draw pictures & load into https://forms.gle/DPKwfz5nRTF4DjSr7 .Entries are accepted only till  25th March 2020 16:00 

Fancy dress :  Dress is something we all like to wear in different forms and ways to depict a culture, tradition and sometimes depicting a situation. Let us all use the current situation to wear some fancy dresses and depict the situation at the same time withholding our culture and traditions. Theme: Fusion of Telugu and western culture/ tradition in Current Situation.

Use what ever you have at home and be creatively dressed to depict the theme. Take a photo of your family attire/ fancy dress and send your entries and upload https://forms.gle/xcZD3sHQ2uv4Vy9B6 The best dressed Kids / family will have the chance of winning a gift this UGADI.  This is for the whole family. Get dressed in the best way either Indian or Western. Last date and time to send the pic is March 25th 16:00. 

Story Writing : A short story about 100 words using some of the below words keeping the festivities in story. Mango, New beginning, Spring, Colorful, Fresh, Lesson, Together and Flower buds . This is for kids from age 6 till 13. Please send pictures by filling the form https://forms.gle/wnrNqrgv3u8s69337 .Last date to send your entries is: March 25th 16:00. 

Tiktok/Dubmash : This does not need an introduction or what needs to be done …one of the signature events of NLTC for the last couple of years for multiple events. For ideas, you can see the most recent one done for Sankranti 2020  https://youtu.be/gG8xEe998vE.  Share as many as you can , all we request is to send a horizontal frame with Best Sound quality. Last date and time to send the videos are March 25th 16:00 , don’t wait till the last minute leverage the WFH as keep sending. Please send all your entries to cultural@nltelugucommunity.org

Mannequin & Ugadi Wishes : Please share a Mannequin video with a conclusion of Ugadi wishes from the family, this can be best done on the day of Ugadi with Indian …The last date and time to send the videos are March 25th 18:00 ... please send all your entries to cultural@nltelugucommunity.org . For some example from earlier events  https://youtu.be/VM1px0hSsH8

Rasi phalalu : One thing we all look during the Telugu New Year is on RAsi Phalalu , an online video of this year Rasi phalalu will be shared on NLTC Youtube Channel. If you have not yet subscribed please do to our NLTC YouTube Channel to check our customized NLTC video.

Facebook frame : NLTC customized FB frame is released for this Ugadi 2020 , we encourage to make your FB profile frame ….a true appreciation for #NLTCFamily and all the volunteers who are bringing you this virtual celebrations 


For any questions or Feedback on the Ugadi Celebrations , please send to info@nltelugucommunity.org

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