Sankranthi-22 Scratch Challenge Results

NLTC organized Kids programming challenge using Scratch. The challenge started end of December until the 8-Jan-2022. The event was conducted for 4 age groups. A total of 20 kids participated in the challenge and created Games, Quizes, Presentations about Sankranthi Festival.

Maria Klawe quote: Coding is today's language of creativity. All our  children deserve...
Maria Margaret Klawe is a computer scientist. Klawe has been heavily involved with increasing the representation of women in STEM fields.

Winners of the NLTC Scratch Challenge

All submitted projects are assessed based on the following criteria.

TopicDoes the project cover the Theme of the challenge. Score (1-5)
Scenario/StoryLogic of the Project or the Story and navigation
Animation/Graphics/Music/SoundsHow the project makes use of this to tell the story/game/presentation
Script/Code/ErrorsHow much of coding is done? Are there errors?
FunctionalityWhat functionality is provided in the project. How much interaction is there?
General ImpressionHow does the project look like overall. What is the general impression after running the project.

Category – Below 9

Winner – Hansith 👏
Good effort by Jahnavi, Akshaya & Manas


Category – 9 till 11 yrs

Winner – Tie between Pranay & Anjali 👏 (these 2 did the most complex coding of all)
Good effort by Thejal, Sparsh, Rakesh, Sai Likit, Aaryahi, Jahnavi



Category – 12 till 14 yrs

Winner – Tie between Aarush & Mridini 👏
Closely followed by Srimayi
Good effort by Saket and Chandradhar

Mridini – Project

Aarush – Project

Srimayi – Project

All submitted projects can be found here: