NLTC “తెలుగు బడి” ఇపుడు సిలికానాంధ్ర ‘మనబడి’ వారి సహకారంతో మనముందుకు రాబోతోంది.

✅ శ్రీ పొట్టి శ్రీరాములు తెలుగు విశ్వ విద్యాలయం వారి సహకారంతో తెలుగు భాష ను క్షుణ్ణంగా నేర్పటానికి రూపొందించబడిన 6 దశల పాఠ్య ప్రణాళిక.
✅ ప్రతి యేటా – ౩ పాఠ్య పుస్తకాలు
✅ ప్రతి త్రైమాసికంలో పరీక్షలు తర్వాత వార్షిక పరీక్షలు – ఉత్తీర్ణతకు కనీసం 70 % మార్కులు

Zoom తరగతులు ప్రారంభం – 28 / 29 Nov 2020

మీ పిల్లలకు మన మాతృ భాష తెలుగు ను చాలా శ్రద్ధగా నేర్పించటానికి ఇదొక చక్కని అవకాశం

Enroll Here / నమోదు చేసికొనుటకు క్రింది లింక్ వాడండి

Refer to Frequently asked questions below. And For any other questions you can mail

or contact Sreedhar Krishnagiri @ +31 626258658


1. What’s new in TeluguBadi?

TeluguBadi started in 2017 and conducted several seasons (sessions) in teachig kids telugu – reading, writing, speaking,etc

But this time we are collaborating with SiliconAndhra’s ManaBadi and it comes with a definitive curriculum prepared with support and guidance from highly reputed Telugu Linguists and Professors from Central Institute of Indian Languages (Mysore) and Sri Potti Sriramulu Telugu University (Hyderabad).

2. How long the season will last?

The ManaBadi program runs along with academic year (Sept – May). This year we started a bit late, so can go until July next year. From next year we will align with regular academic year.

3. What are the age limits for this program?

Starting from 4 years – all interested can join this program.

4. What are the different levels of this program?

This program has 6 different levels. Viz

  1. BalaBadi (4 to 6 years, new students)
  2. Pravesam (6+ years, new students)
  3. Prasunam (returning students)
  4. Prakasam (returning students)
  5. Pramodam (returning students)
  6. Prabhasam (returning students)

Sri Potti Sriramulu Telugu University recognizes the ManaBadi program and awards certificates to students every year

5. How can I enroll my kids to this program?

You can enroll using the following enrollment form

6. When will the classes begin for te academic year 2020-2021?

The classes are set to start from the weekend of 28/29 Nov

7. How frequently are classes conducted? And where are classed conducted?

The classes will be once a week (either Saturday or Sunday) for 2 hours. And due to COVID-19, the classes will be online (Zoom sessions)

8. What are teaching materials?

Each kid will get text / work books (hard copies) that will be used throughout the year.

9. What is the fee of the course?

There is no fee for the course. Its offered free and all teaching volunteers are doing it out of passion. But you pay for the text books ( USD 50) for the whole year. And we understood, SiliconAndhra will eventually donate this to Charity.

10. We have two kids enrolling to the program. Do we need to pay books fee for both kids?

Yes. Each kid gets his own copy of text and work books. So you pay per kid.

11. How are kids assessed on their progress?

The program is designed such a way that every quarter kids will be reviewed and evaluated on their learning. At the end of the academic year, there will be annual exam and kids should score min 70% score to pass the year.

Also, it’s a serious program.  90% attendance is compulsory for students (6 yrs and older)

12. Is this course recognized by any Govt. Organizations?

ManaBadi program is recognized in the US and can be opted for credits in the category of foreign language in middle and higher schools for there in the US. In the Netherlands, its our vision to get similar recognition and with support from parents, we hope to do that in future.

For any other questions you can mail

“తెలుగదేలయన్న దేశంబు తెలుగేను, తెలుగు రేడ తెలుగొకండ 
ఎల్లవారు వినగ ఎరుగవే బాసాడి, దేశభాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్సా”

ప్రపంచ భాషలలో తెలుగు లిపి రెండవ స్థానములో నిల్వడం మన అందరికి గర్వకారణం అలాంటి మన తెలుగు భాషను భావితరాలకు అందించాలి అను ఉద్దేశం తో మన NLTC వారు తెలుగు బడి అనే కార్యక్రమమును ప్రారంభించి రెండు సంవత్సరములుగ మన పిల్లలకు తెలుగు భాష రుచిని చూపియున్నారు. మళ్ళీ ముచ్చటగ మూడవ సారి మన తెలుగు బడి ఆరు ప్రదేశాలలో ఆరంభించడం జరుగుతోంది.

Telugu Badi 2018

Telugu Badi season started in Dec 2018 which will continue for 4 months.

From Dec 2018

This time Telugu Badi is launched in multiple locations:
1. Amstelveen/Uithoorn
2. Amsterdam
3. Almere
4. Hoofddrop
5. Den Haag
6. Utrecht


Coming Soon


Coming soon

Telugu Badi Season 2017

Telugu Badi was organized in 2017.


Some photos

Telugu Badi – Background

The idea to organize Telugu Badi came from our working committee member Ramesh Sripatnala. He came up with the proposal and took the lead in creating a plan on how to setup and execute it.
We at NLTC are very proud of Ramesh for investing so much of his personal time and effort into this initiative.