Dear Members,

This Sankranthi we are calling programmers of all ages to participate in a PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE.

Technology is everywhere now a days and due to the lockdown the use of technology is growing exponentially. It is important that kids of current generation and coming generations understand how computers work. And they are all learning programming from school.

NLTC always strive to be a platform for all age groups in the community and addresses all activities. With this competition we want to give the kids to showcase their creativity.

Programming Challenge will be based on Scratch Programming. There are 4 Age categories.

NLTC Scratch Challenge Poster

Steps to participate:


Theme of the programming is “Sankranthi Festival”. You are free to create anything you want. For example, it could be a story or a game or an animated painting. Make sure it fits into the theme and there is some programming. And do not copy other projects as yours. Keep it Original.

Scratch programming is lot of fun even for grownups. So the challenge is open for anyone. Even adults can participate in the 15+ group.

May the best programmer win. Are you ready for the challenge?


Projects will be evaluated based on the following.

  • coverage of competition theme/topic/subject
  • logic of the project/scenario/story
  • animation/graphics/music/sounds
  • script/code/errors (test thoroughly)
  • functionality of the project/menus/controls/sprites
  • general impression of the project